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Living life to its Greatest Potential because we Physically can!

So often we hear the words, I have tried everything but to no avail or we just don’t know where to go that will give us the results we are looking for. Look no further and feel the difference following our highly specialized sessions.

For each and every body, our treatment focus at Corrective Muscle Therapy Clinic (CMTC) is based on our comprehensive understanding of Anatomy and Physiology combined with a series of unique Corrective Muscle Therapy techniques. We aim not only to treat your body but also educate your mind. For together, it is a powerful combination that the subconscious can integrate with the physical body, enabling us to move with ease.


To deliver a Customised Treatment with a Definitive Difference that each and every client will feel as they walk out the door.

The aim being, that our treatment delivers such exceptional results that each of our clients can’t wait to tell their friends, family and work associates about their experience with us, spreading the word passionately so we can help many more people live a better quality of life. Our Professional Massage Therapists come highly qualified, including a combination of Exercise Science Degrees, Advanced Diploma’s in Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Diplomas. Together, they bring many years of experience to the table for your benefit.

All therapists have the ability to track and treat issues in your tissues. You will initially undergo a postural and movement analysis screening where appropriate, revealing structural issues in both your muscular and skeletal system.  A customized treatment plan is then created to address the strengths and weaknesses in your body. Our corrective muscle therapy treatment is then facilitated with the therapist of best fit to you as a person and to your condition, bringing the body back into a state of symmetrical equilibrium.  Throughout the entire process you will be delivered a logical explanation about why your body is behaving as it is in its present state. Comprehensive education is also included throughout your session with ongoing support as required.  

Then, just sit back, relax and let the RESULTS speak for themselves…


Our values are all about providing an Exceptional Treatment and Exceptional Results for all of our clients. 
We Care about YOU, We Listen to YOU, We Assess YOU, We Treat YOU and above all We Get Results for YOU. 
In other words, It’s All About YOU…..

We take pride in creating a personal connection, developing a trusting relationship, caring to educate you, sharing for the benefit of your results, offering you support along the way and above all, getting you the results you have been looking for.