Megan Gareh

  • Being a professional boxer, I am constantly on the search for the next best thing to give me the edge over my competition. I have seen a countless number of physiotherapists and massage therapists. I was recommended from a close friend to book in at the Corrective Muscle Therapy Clinic. After our first meeting, I knew my search for the best was over. I have now been a weekly client for over 2 years. ‘Not just a massage’ is a perfect slogan, as the experience you feel is far greater than that. At CMTC you feel a deep sense of acceptance, sincerity and love. ‘Magic’ Meg’s genuinely cares and relates to every single client and my performance has never been better. 10/10

    Rohan Murdock
    (Professional Boxer, World Rank #7)
  • I am a Professional Gold Coast Lifeguard and have never looked back from discovering Corrective Muscle Therapy Clinic, Megan’s holistic approach is unequivocally effective! She’s definitely got the feel and a very strong sense of understanding of how the body is linked to get the best possible results. I’m certain I am able to still perform at my best thanks to my consistent corrective treatments, so, of course I highly recommend CMTC, before all the other massage clinics that I have been to in the past.

    Andy Dayney
    (Gold Coast Lifeguard)
  • I first went to Megan a few years ago pre ½ marathon to make sure my body was in the best condition prior to the run. It was my first run at that distance, so I wanted to make sure everything was functioning as it should be, she went over my body from head to toe, sorted out a few niggles (hamstrings and glutes) and gave great pre and post run advice. Megan is very passionate about what she does and has a wealth of knowledge that she is more than happy to share (to me that is priceless!) I recommend Megan to all my clients and anyone else who may benefit from her healing hands. Megan is my go to Muscle Whisperer!

    Roxanne Robinson
    Bodyrox Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor
  • After a 14 year Professional Fight Career, being 11 x MuayThai World Champion has caused my body lots of damage and tightness. I met Megan and without a lie, I was having pretty major pain and with only a few treatments, I was seeing massive changes, one of which totally fixed my shoulders after just 4 weeks. I have a reputation for a pretty mean set of Elbows but I may have met my match! haha… Megan is often referred to as The Muscle Whisperer and I can certainly vouch for that statement. I am a regular client now, addressing ongoing training issues as they arise and take pride in seeking the perfect treatment for my body’s needs. Megan definitely delivers on this. My only regret with Megan was not meeting her 10 years ago so I could have performed at an even higher level of explosive movement and power.

    Nathan Corbett
    (11 World Titles)
  • I’ve learnt so much more about my body and how all my muscles work together. Megan is not like your standard massage treatments, where they just usually work their way around your body. Megan asks you what’s wrong, what you’re feeling. Then with her expertise, she translates those feelings and finds the source of your problems by then going to what is causing the pain, which often may not be anywhere near the area that you’re feeling it. She explains what’s happening and why you’re experiencing this and focuses on fixing the problem areas so your body can work in sync once again.

    (Health Fanatic, Cheekiest Client, Personal Trainer & Dog Handler Qld Corrective Services)
  • In a continuously changing world it is wonderfully assuring to have a single constant in the person I trust my body with. As an athlete most of my life I have ping ponged between most medical professionals with always varying results. This abruptly changed when I met Megan Gareh. Her extensive knowledge of the body and her intuition with optimizing the mechanics of the whole system, continues to astound me. While I strongly value the positive progress that my body always achieves when working with Megan, it is without a doubt her personal touch that continues to bring me and my entire family back every month. I could not recommend a better muscle therapist, or in fact a better person.

    Lisa Hughes
  • I have been a regular client of Megan Gareh for over two years, but wish I had found her many years ago.  Megan’s professional, yet warm and relaxed style, together with her comprehensive knowledge of the human body ensures I always feel in safe hands. The way that Megan assesses, explains and rectifies body challenges is quite unique, and I have not as yet found another therapist who is as proficient. Megan’s scientific knowledge combined with her natural intuition always produces amazing result – she is indeed a Muscle Whisperer…

    Colleen Lynch
  • Meg’s is an awesome massage therapist. She is professional yet personable and tailors each session to your needs at that particular point in time. Megs has an innate gift of getting to the bottom of long-standing and new issues and as a middle aged ex-dancer, gym junkie and avid Muay Thai enthusiast, I’ve had a few issues to say the least! I’ve been seeing Megs regularly for over 2 years and after each visit I leave feeling like a new woman. Megs’ natural ability coupled with over 20 years in the industry equals massage magic!

    Steph Daly
  • I’ve been going to Megan around 18 months now and the results and changes to my body’s wellbeing have all been positive. As a competitive amateur boxer, my body is pushed to its’ limits daily. Megan has helped me through numerous injuries along with general loosening and body realignment. What I like most is Megan just doesn’t treat me, she educates me by explaining what she’s doing, why she’s doing it and how to help prevent any imbalances from occurring again. I refuse to go anywhere else as I know the quality of service is second to none.

    Warren Cootes
    (Competitive Amateur Boxer)
  • After sitting at a bench making jewellery for 40 hours a week for over 10 years, I found myself experiencing back pain and poor posture issues. After going to see a number of massage therapists, I finally found Megan. With her expertise we have been able to eliminate all back pain and have managed to correct my posture preventing any future damage, allowing me to work comfortably. I highly recommend Megan as a fantastic massage therapist and wouldn’t consider going to anyone else.

    Renee Hudson
    LeGassick Jeweller
  • I got to know Megan at Corrective Muscle Therapy Clinic by sheer luck. An extremely serious back and neck injury required a lot of faith for me to step forward to see a massage therapist. I can only say how glad I am that I chose Megan and only have great things to say about her. Her skillset, demeanour, knowledge and professionalism are second to none and I would recommend her without hesitation. A lovely person and a very skilful operation. Thank you Magic Megs.

    (Construction Manager)
  • Would just like to say thank you for all the time and effort you have given to me over the past three years. I came to you a broken body and now I am enjoying life once again.  My only regret is that I did not find you before I had major back surgery.  I know I would not have had to have it. Your insight into how the body’s muscles work and are all connected is truly amazing, and to get them all working together again is beyond what I expected to achieve. Thanks again Megs and look forward to many years of pain free living.

  • I have had fortnightly visits to Corrective Muscle Therapy Clinic for the past 2 years. I had been very unwell for a number of years before I started my journey with CMTC. I can confidently say that the massage treatments have more than significantly improved my health. It isn’t your regular run of the mill massage place – It was the unique Corrective Muscle Therapy treatment that healed my body by massaging away the inflammatory condition I suffered, which was in fact, the turning point in my recovery. I keep up my regular appointments with CMTC because I know what’s good for me! I can’t rate them highly enough! Skilled and professional healers with the biggest hearts.

  • I am a University Lecturer who had suffered SCIATICA for over a year. When I went to see Megan at Corrective Muscle Therapy Clinic it took a while to fix the problem even though I had been told by two specialists I would need an operation. I was in so much pain when sitting which made driving almost impossible for me which was integral to my job. I would highly recommend Megan with her magic hands. I now see Megan about once a fortnight just to make sure everything stays good.

    (University Lecturer)
  • Megan is a fair dinkum Muscle Whisperer. Her qualifications, knowledge and skillset speak for themselves. Megan has the most healing hands, she has a unique understanding of what is really going on in your body. The beautiful, highest of quality, Doterra essential oils Megan uses all adds up to a truly wonderful experience, everyone should have a Megan in their life. Love her, love her work!!!!

  • Megan’s technique of massage and the insight she has using essential oils has definitely helped heal my sore muscles

    (State Manager Broadway Liquor & Mr Mexico)
  • Megan has magical hands, I have been seeing her for over 2 years now, she always puts me back together. Depending on what I am needing, Megan also uses essential oils to help balance my system. I come away feeling refreshed and centred both physically and mentally.

    (Dreamworld PA)
  • I have been seeing Megan for just over 1 year and always found her to be honest, friendly and committed to finding and treating the causes of my ailments. Megan is patient and thorough in explaining her diagnosis and treatment and she listens to what you say and is perspective and intuitive in her diagnosis. Her treatments are very thorough as is her follow-up of results. All in all, I find her thoroughly caring and dedicated to her patients wellbeing.

    Elisabeth Walters
    (Childcare Educator)
  • I cannot praise Megan enough for the positive changes and pain relief she has brought about. She has the most intuitive hands and understanding of how the body works… Quite simply, ‘Magic Megs’

    (TC Tippers Company Director)
  • Megan from Corrective Muscle Therapy Clinic helped me get back into the gym after suffering a long term sciatica injury. I am now back doing 3 days a week boxing and 3 days a week yoga. Without Megan’s ongoing treatments and inspiration I could not have achieved this

    Emma Milikins
    (Miami Marketta Creative Director.)
  • Megan’s massage is really a full body realignment treatment. Her treatment is very professional and she has a very witty personality which helps you get through those hard moments at times. I am always guaranteed for harmony in both my muscles and my mind. I am such a hard worker, faced with physical challenges day in, day out and I trust that this particular massage leaves me feeling like a million dollars.

    (Business Owner The Hungry Belly)
  • I have been getting treatment from ‘Magic Megs’ for the past few months with great results, my hips, legs, lower back and neck all have now got increased mobility, increased flexibility and pain has been greatly reduced. I can highly recommend Megan the Muscle Whisperer to anyone and everyone.

    Dave Leigh
    (Managing Director TBC Supplies)
  • I’ve been seeing Megan for 4 years now and I don’t know what I would do without her! She keeps my body happy, healthy and balanced. I feel very lucky to have found her magic services.

    Mike McClughan
    Artwork and Mirror Installation
  • I have had a few issues with my back and knees as a result of a life of sport and a demanding job. Megan was able to identify the issues in both cases and has completely fixed them. With one session a month, I have lived pain free since.

    Chef/Owner The Good Food Catering Co
  • I was lucky to be introduced to Megan and her great massage techniques three years ago. Her really friendly attitude and professionalism is always evident. My body’s response to her treatment has been nothing but remarkable!

  • In the time I have been seeing Megan, she has not only relieved my back pain but has also helped all of my muscles to work harmoniously together. Her intuitive approach and re assessment each session ensures we focus on what my body needs in that moment. Not only has my training improved but also the way my body moves in everyday life.

    Kylie Ann
  • “I’ve been going to Megan for 3 years. One thing I found different about Megan compared to other massage companies is she spends time asking lots of questions about your problem areas and then targets them. I would never go to anyone else”

    Cathy MacIntosh
    (Groomer - Hair of the Dog)
  • Megan is nothing short of AMAZING! I thought my plantar fasciitis was with me for the long haul but Megan healed it in just one session. Megan is a woman of knowledge, expertise and is definitely someone I would highly recommend.

    Tara Burns
  • You’re a rare gem Megastar and I don’t know how I’d be able to walk and continue to be as active as I am without your healing hands!