Karmelle Boehme Dip RM.

  • I’ve been seeing Megan Gareh for the past 8 years in regards to muscular treatment. Being such an active person and now in my forties, I’ve always felt the benefit of having a great therapist you can count on to get you back in condition.
    Recently, Megan asked me to try out one of her therapist “Karmelle”. At first I was hesitant being so attached to Megan, but was willing to give her go.
    After my treatment, I must say “WOW!” She’s is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work and treatment towards her clients.
    I’ve found Karmelle very pleasent to work with. Whenever I need my muscles treated she is truly magnificent and I always walk out ready to hit the hills mountain biking or head out in the surf once again.
    I highly recommend Karmelle to anyone suffering any aches and pains, tight muscles or lack of movement.
    Work hard, Play hard, and make sure you find someone great to help you recover. 
    Jason Lim
  • Four months after having my baby I started to experience excruciating  sciatica pain down my left leg. It got to the point where I could not walk without my leg giving way with pain. Like all new mums, I can push through pain to give my baby what she needs. However the fear of my leg giving way while holding my baby was terrifying.
    A friend suggested that I reach out to Karmelle to see if she could help.
    Karmelle responded to me immediately and managed to squeeze me into her busy schedule the next day.
    After an initial discussion, I was on her massage table ready for treatment.
    Karmelle absolutely blew my mind with her expertise. I have had massages in the past, however this was next level.
    After my treatment, I was scared to stand up and put weight on my leg in fear of the pain i was used to.
    No pain came! I had not felt so relaxed and pain free from the pelvis down since before I was pregnant.  With ongoing treatment and advice I am now back on my feet and able to be the mother I need to be.
    I highly recommend Karmelle and cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me.
    Samara Farnsworth
  • Karmelle is a great massage therapist.
    She’s very attuned to my body and its needs.

    As I am a long distance walker and found my knees
    were giving me grief. She listened to my complaints and assessed my gait and achieved amazing results with the treatment.

    I appreciate her dedication to her clients and passion for the work.
    I’ve recommended her to many friends in the past and continue to do so.

    Karen Hayes
  • I came to Karmelle with shoulder pain.

    She found the problem and fixed it in 2 treatments and I am now 100% better and an’t thank her enough.

    Very professional and knowledgable.

    Katrina Tomlinson